Egg Tomato Rice


1 cup basmati rice
1 egg
1 onion, 3 garlic cloves
1 tomato
Green chilli
Mustard seeds, curry leaves, garam masala
And basic masalas

Cooking Instructions

1. First beat the eggs
2. Heat the oil in pan and add mustard seeds and curry leaves.
3. After it, add garlic and then onions until it gets translucent.
4. Add the eggs and scramble them.
5. Put on the chillies and tomatoes and stir it well till the tomato becomes
pulpy and the oil comes out.
6. Add chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala and
salt and mix well and keep in simmer for 2-3 minutes.
7. Put on the rice and mix it well and cook for 2 minutes.
8. Serve it with any curry.


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Created by: Pitamaas